Gallery Fine Art Prints and Framed Photos - Andrew Prokos Photography
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Fine Art Prints + Framed Photographs

The 80 inch limited edition print of "Panoramic View of Lower Manhattan and the World Trade Center at Dusk" with acrylic face mounting.

Gallery Quality Prints + Framing

We offer exhibition-quality fine art prints, printed on archival photographic and giclee papers to our exacting standards. By using only the best quality materials our prints have superior tonality, color saturation, and image permanency. Andrew’s fine art prints have been exhibited in museums, galleries, and corporate art collections across North America and Europe.

Fine Art Print Certificate of Authenticity - Andrew Prokos Photography

Limited Edition Prints

A selection of Andrew’s photographs are offered as limited edition prints, with edition sizes ranging from 10-100 prints. Almost all of Andrew’s latest works are offered as Limited edition prints, including Andrew’s award-winning panoramas and series such as Niemeyer’s Brasilia, Gehry’s Children, and Night & Day. Limited Edition prints are signed, numbered and dated and are sold with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Panoramic View of Brooklyn Bridge at Night 120 inch wide limited edition print by photographer Andrew Prokos

Large Format Prints

Andrew specializes in large format cityscape, landscape, and panoramic fine art prints in sizes up to 150 inches wide. In order to capture and maintain intricate detail with such large prints a very high-resolution image is required. Andrew uses a 6x17cm panoramic film camera and the latest high-resolution digital camera bodies and lenses to capture his images at resolutions which make such scale possible.

Print Sizes

Standard Print Sizes

Print Size
Framed Size


(28 x 35.5 cm)


(45.5 x 53.5 cm)


(30.5 x 46 cm)


(48 x 63.5 cm)


(40.5 x 51 cm)


(58.5 x 68.5 cm)


(40.5 x 61 cm)


(58.5 x 79 cm)


(51 x 61 cm)


(68.5 x 79 cm)


(51 x 76 cm)


(68.5 x 94 cm)


(61 x 76 cm)


(79 x 94 cm)


(61 x 92 cm)


(79 x 109 cm)


(76 x 101.5 cm)


(94 x 119.5 cm)

Larger than 40″ is available, please contact us to inquire

Panoramic Print Sizes

Print Size
Framed Size


(35.5 x 102 cm)


(53.5 x 120 cm)


(35.5 x 102 cm)


(98.5 x 120 cm)


(43 x 127 cm)


(61 x 145 cm)


(51 x 152.5 cm)


(71 x 173 cm)


(76 x 152.5 cm)


(96.5 x 173 cm)


(61 x 183 cm)


(81 x 203 cm)


(76 x 229 cm)



(114 x 229 cm)



(102 x 305 cm)

Larger than 120″ is available, please inquire

Many photos have custom print sizes (not shown above).
Please refer to each photo’s page to see the actual print sizes available for that photo.

Edition Types

Limited Edition Prints

Limited edition prints are produced in set print and edition sizes and are signed and numbered by the photographer. Edition sizes vary by photo and become lower as the print size increases. A 120 inch size print will typically have an edition size of 10 prints, while 17×50 inch prints may have an edition size of 25. Limited editions are designed to create value for the collector by ensuring that production of the photo is limited over time.

Open Edition Prints

Open edition prints are not limited by the number or size produced and are not numbered. Open edition prints are less expensive than our limited edition prints, and offer more flexibility in terms of custom print sizes and cropping to specific sizes. They are printed using the same quality archival materials as our limited edition prints. Open edition prints above a certain size are signed by the photographer, including 16×20 or larger standard sized prints, or 17×50 or larger panoramic prints.


The Certificate of Authenticity

The Certificate of Authenticity (COA) provides additional information about the artwork such as the edition number, print size, medium, date of printing, year the photo was taken, and other useful information about the print. The COA is signed and dated by the photographer. Please note that COAs are not offered with print sizes under 16×20 inches.


Limited edition print pricing

Pricing for limited edition prints is determined by the print size and the edition size. Below is a range of prices for our limited edition prints:

16″x20″ – 40”x60”  |  $600 – $4,500
17″x50″ – 40”x120”  |  $1,600 – $14,500

Framing costs are additional. Limited edition prints are signed and numbered and are sold with a certificate of authenticity.

Open edition print pricing

Open edition prints are priced by size and offer more flexibility in terms of custom print sizes. Below is a range of prices for our open edition prints:

11”x14” – 30”x40”  |  $200 – $1,400
14”x40″ – 40”x120”  |  $600 – $9,000

Framing costs are additional. Pricing is subject to change, please contact us for pricing on specific print sizes.

Purchase Prints

How to order

Fine art prints can be ordered by contacting us via email or phone. Please make sure to have the Photo ID number on hand when contacting us to place an order. Price lists for framed and unframed limited and open edition prints can be requested via email. A selection of Andrew’s fine art prints are also exhibited and sold through galleries. Please see “Galleries” above.


We accept all major credit cards and checks drawn on U.S. based accounts. Check must clear in full before orders are processed. We also accept Paypal payments and wire transfers for international sales. A $350 minimum applies to all international orders.

Production time

  • Unframed print orders take approximately 3-5 business days to ship, depending on current production times.
  • Framed open edition prints up to 16×24 size take approximately 4-6 business days to ship.
  • Framed limited edition prints take 8-10 business days to ship.
  • Large scale and custom print orders require approximately 14-21 business days to complete, depending on current production times.
  • Shipping time is additional and dependent on the shipping method chosen at time of purchase. We ship via FedEx, UPS, and DHL.
  • Please contact us for a current estimate on framing turnaround time.


Small prints are sealed in plastic and shipped flat in sturdy cardboard boxes, which ensure that the print is not damaged in transit. Larger sized prints are shipped rolled in heavy-duty tubes with padding. Framed prints are shipped flat and packed with generous amounts of cushioning packing material. Oversized prints typically need to be crated before shipping to ensure maximum protection in transit. 

Please note: International customers may wish to contact us in advance for a quote of actual shipping charges.


All purchases are guaranteed to be as described. Our photos are carefully inspected before they are shipped, however there is a slight chance that damage may occur in transit. It is our policy to replace prints or framing that is damaged in transit at no cost to the customer. Replacement prints are shipped only after the return and inspection of the original damaged merchandise. 


Photographic prints are sold for display purposes only. Scanning or copying prints in any way is considered infringement of the artist’s copyright and a violation of federal copyright law. If you are interested in using one of our images for advertising or design purposes please contact us to license the high-resolution image.

Framed And Matted Prints

Framed And Matted

Framed and matted photos offer a classic look suitable for any decor. We include an 8-ply beveled-edge mat, and use only archival quality acid-free mats and framing materials. The width of our standard black wood frame varies from 1.5-2 inches wide depending on the size of the print. We also offer black and silver brushed metal frames, or we can frame in your custom style upon request. Please consult our print size chart for approximate final framed sizes.

Dibond Box Frames

Our dibond box frames are a stunning new way to showcase your artwork. The paper print is mounted to a rigid dibond backing which floats in the box. Clear acrylic is mounted at the front of the box, creating a space between the mounted photo and the acrylic. The solid wood frames used with this style are deeper and have a narrower front face.

Large Format Prints Gallery

In this gallery you can see examples of large format black and white and color prints on paper and high-definition prints on metal. Andrew’s large format prints have been exhibited in galleries and museums in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, and can be found in numerous corporate art collections. More images of our large-format prints can bee seen at Artwork in Homes and Offices.