Awards and Recent Exhibitions - Photographer Andrew Prokos
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International Honors

Andrew’s photography has been honored with awards from some of the world’s top photography competitions. His series Gehry’s Children, Niemeyer’s Brasilia, and Night & Day have won gold, silver and bronze medals and numerous Honorable Mentions in multiple competitions, including the Prix de la Photographie Paris, the Neutral Density Photo Awards, and the International Photography Awards (Lucies). These competitions honor best in fine art, architectural, landscape, and advertising photography from the thousands of entries submitted from photographers around the world on an annual basis.

Andrew’s panoramic landscapes and cityscapes have won numerous medals at the Australia-based Epson International Pano Awards, which honors the best panoramic photography from around the world. Photos from his series Night & Day and Niemeyer’s Brasilia were also selected by juries for American Photography 31 and Latin American Fotografia 3.

Below you can see the complete list of awards and accolades Andrew has received from each competition.

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American Photography 31

2015 – “Night & Day” – Jury Selection


Neutral Density Photography Awards

Silver Medal – Professional

2014 – “Night & Day” – Cityscapes

Honorable Mention – Professional

2014 – “Gehry’s Children” – Architecture and Fine Art
2014 – “Niemeyer’s Brasilia” – Architecture


AI-AP Latin American Fotografia 3

2014 – “Niemeyer’s Brasilia” – Jury Selection


ASMP Gallery Exhibition at American Institute of Architects

2013 – “Denver Museum at Night” – Jury Selection
2013 – “Denver Museum Interior II” – Jury Selection
2012 – “Willard Hotel Windows” – Jury Selection

px winner

Prix de la Photographie Paris (Px3)

Gold Medal – People’s Choice – Professional 

2015 – “Night & Day” – Fine Art – Landscapes
2015 – “Night & Day” – Fine Art – Digitally Enhanced
2014 – “Niemeyer’s Brasilia” – Architecture / Advertising

Silver Medal – Professional

2014 – “Gehry’s Children” – Architecture / Advertising

Bronze Medal – Professional

2014 – “Niemeyer’s Brasilia” – Fine Art Architecture

Honorable Mention – Professional

2014 – “Gehry’s Children” – Fine Art Architecture
2013 – “The Last Utopian” – Fine Art Architecture


International Photography Awards (Lucies)

Silver Medal – Professional

2013 – “Niemeyer’s Brasilia” – Silver – Night Photography

Honorable Mention – Professional

2016 – “Night & Day” – Cityscapes, Night Photography, and Digitally Enhanced
2016 – “Forum Romanum” – Architecture
2014 – “Night & Day” – Panoramic Photography, Cityscapes, and Night Photography
2014 – “Gehry’s Children” – Architecture / Fine Art
2014 – “The Architecture of Amusement” – Architecture


London International Creative Competition

Honorable Mention

2013 – “Gehry’s Children” – Photography


Epson International Pano Awards

Silver Medal – Professional

2013 – “Tribute in Light”
2013 – “Fourth of July Panorama, New York City”

Bronze Medal – Professional

2014 – “Night & Day – Manhattan Cityscape”
2014 – “Night & Day – Rio de Janeiro Cityscape”
2014 – “World Trade Center and Lower Manhattan at Sunset”
2013 – “Panoramic Cityscape of Toronto at Dusk”
2013 – “Bryce Canyon Morning”
2013 – “Japanese Bridge, Brooklyn Botanic Garden”
2012 – “Panoramic View of Rio de Janeiro at Night”
2012 – “Jefferson Memorial and TIdal Basin at Dusk”
2012 – “Panoramic Sky over Cape Cod Bay at Sunset”
2012 – “Bryce Canyon Morning Hoodoos”

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International Color Awards

Nominee – Professional

2014 – “Congresso Nacional at Dusk I” – Architecture
2014 – “8 Spruce Street Detail” – Architecture

bw spider awards

Black and White Spider Awards

2013 – “Tribeca” – Architecture – Nominee


Andrew was honored to be the first non-Brazilian to exhibit his photography at Banco do Brasil in New York in the exhibition Brazil: Night & Day – Photographs by Andrew Prokos. The exhibition was held in conjunction with the Year of Brazil at CUNY. Brazil: Night & Day was also exhibited at the Consulate General of Brazil in New York. The exhibition coincided with the World Cup games in Brazil. Andrew was also honored to have his photos of the works of architect Frank Gehry exhibited in the 2015-2016 exhibition Frank Gehry – I Have an Idea at 21_21 Design Sight museum in Tokyo. Andrew’s photography has also been exhibited at the Museum of the City of New York, and in galleries and corporate art collections throughout the USA and United Kingdom.
Event photos courtesy: Simone Caprifogli/CUNY | Keizo Kioku/21_21 Design Sight | Ira Black/70 South Gallery

A fine art architectural photo from Andrew's award-winning series Gehry's Children.

Architect Frank Gehry – I Have an Idea
10/16/15 – 2/7/16 – 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, Tokyo
– Large scale photographs from Andrew’s award-winning series “Gehry’s Children”

An ultra-high-definition panoramic skyline photo of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan transitioning from day to night, from Andrew's 'Night & Day' series.

Night & Day & New Black and White Works
Unit London Gallery

– Selections from Andrew’s award winning series Night & Day, as well as new black and white photography on display in London

A black and white fine art photo of the Guggenheim Museum exterior, New York City

Inaugural Exhibition
10/11/14 – 11/30/14 – 70 South Gallery, Morristown, NJ
– Large scale cityscapes and iconic buildings of New York City in black and white

A fine art photo of Ipanema beach at sunset, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Vista da praia de Ipanema ao por-de-sol.

Brazil: Night & Day – Photographs by Andrew Prokos
5/5/14 – 8/10/14 – Consulate General of Brazil in New York
– Solo exhibition of Andrew’s photos of Brazil, coinciding with the 2014 FIFA World Cup

A view of the Museu de Arte Contemporanea by architect Oscar Niemeyer, in Niteroi.

Brazil: Night & Day – Photographs by Andrew Prokos
4/1/14 – 4/30/14 – Banco do Brasil New York
– Solo exhibition of Andrew’s award-winning photos of Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia

ASMP Architecture Gallery Exhibition 2013
6/2013 – American Institute of Architects Annual Convention, Denver, CO
– Recent architectural photography

A fine art architectural photo of the windows of the famous Willard Hotel in black and white, Washington DC

ASMP Architecture Gallery Exhibition 2012
5/2012 – American Institute of Architects Annual Convention, Washington DC
– Recent architectural photography

A high-definition long-exposure photo of Coney Island's Wonder Wheel ferris wheel at night in Brooklyn, New York

Transformed by Light – The New York Night
10/21/05 – 5/7/06 – Museum of the City of New York
– Long-exposure photography of Coney Island, Brooklyn