Night & Day

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award-winning, Long Exposure Photography, New York City, Night Photography, Panoramic Photography, Published Work, Rio de Janeiro, Washington DC
About This Project

In Night & Day I capture the transition from day to night in various locations around the world. The photos are composed of numerous exposures shot at the same location over the course of a single day or over several days. I then merge the multiple day, dusk, and night exposures into a seamless transition which collapses the temporal element and allows the viewer to see the city in a new way.


In preparing each scene I decide where the transition should begin and end, and in which direction time should flow. I base these decisions on visual instinct and what looks most natural to me and I often introduce an element of randomness into the scene by allowing one time to bleed into another. At times the borders between day and night collide head on, and other times they tiptoe into one another.


It is the details, however, that add a sense of incongruity to the photos and challenge the viewer to find where one time frame ends and the other begins: traffic light trails that fade into day on the span of the Brooklyn Bridge, a tourist standing on a Segway in broad daylight, while just a few feet away the rest stand in darkness, the glimmering lights of Midtown reflected in the Pond at mid-day. In Night & Day I am concerned less with capturing the passage of time than capturing the incongruous and ephemeral nature of time.


Night & Day has been awarded numerous times, including 1st Place / People’s Choice at the Prix de la Photographie, Jury selection at the prestigious American Photography competition, and Silver Medal at the Neutral Density Photo Awards.