Andrew Prokos Gallery - Fine Art Photography Gallery in Tribeca, NYC
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Visiting the Gallery

Andrew first began selling his fine art photography through his NYC-based website in 2003. As an early adopter of online art sales and all things internet, Andrew was fortunate to secure an early lead in online sales of fine art photography, and has maintained a thriving online presence ever since.  In January 2019 Andrew opened a new physical gallery space at 368 Broadway, in the heart of New York’s Tribeca district. The new space serves as a showroom where our valued customers from around the New York metropolitan area and visitors to our hectic, thrilling metropolis can see Andrew’s framed photographs in person.

On display in the gallery are large-format photographs from Andrew’s award-winning series such as Night & Day, Inverted, and Gehry’s Children, as well as a selection of Andrew’s renowned large-format cityscapes and landscapes. Visitors to the gallery can also see a selection of solid wood, brushed metal and acrylic framing styles available for Andrew’s photos.

We are excited to become a part of the cultural and artistic mix in Tribeca’s burgeoning art scene, and look forward to meeting you in person at the gallery! Visits to the gallery are currently by appointment, so please contact us in advance to arrange your visit.