Copright Notice & Terms of Use - Andrew Prokos Photography
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Copyright Notice & Terms of Use

Copyright Notice

All photographs displayed on this web site have been registered with the United States Copyright Office and are protected by United States copyright law. They may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of Andrew Prokos Photography. You may not crop, alter, or remove any copyright notice from copies of the photographs contained on this web site. For further information regarding the copyright status of the photographs contained on this web site, or to notify us of an infringement of our photos please contact us.

How We Catch Infringements and Recover Damages

Andrew Prokos Photography utilizes image tracking and recovery services to monitor infringements of our images. The recovery services scour the internet for infringed uses of our images and notifies us when they are found. We reserve the right to bill any party who has infringed on our copyright and is using our images without permission or a valid license. We regularly bill 1.5-3x the licensing fee to parties who are found to be using our images without permission, as is allowed by United State copyright law. Infringing parties may be contacted through the recovery service, and legal action is taken against parties who do not respond or refuse to pay the invoiced amount. We may also utilize Tin Eye reverse image search, Google reverse image search, and the Internet Archive / WayBack Machine to catch and track infringements. These technologies are extraordinarily adept at finding where our images are being used. You should always make sure that any third party web or graphic designer you hire submits copies of valid licenses or proof of payment for the images being used on your website or you, the site owner, can be sued for damages.

Social Media Sharing

We utilize social media share and like buttons on certain pages of this site. The ability share our images to social media profiles does not constitute a license to use any of the images on this site in any form, nor does it constitute a sub-license for any social media platform to use or distribute the images found on this site in any form.

You may share images to you non-commercial social media platforms under the following conditions:

The image must be posted from the original page where the image is found and with a link to the apage on our site where the image is found. It is not permitted to copy images from this site and post them on your own social media profile. We regularly file take down complaints with social media platforms to remove our images from social media profiles which do not link directly back to our site and credit the photo to photographer Andrew Prokos. Images shared on our own social media profiles are not intended for commercial use, nor are they available for any type of third party or unlicensed use. We do not grant any social media platform any rights to use, sub-license, or distribute our copyrighted images in any form.

We regularly catch social media infringements of our images and submit them for collection to our recovery partner ImageRights. ImageRights can and does index social media pages such as LinkedIn business and Facebook business pages, and those commercial uses are billed accordingly.

Non-Commercial Use of Images

Limited use of the watermarked low-resolution images displayed on this web site is permitted for non-commercial blogs and editorial web sites with the following conditions:

  • Permission to use any image on this website for blog posts and editorial use must be requested in advance. Please contact us with the URL of the page where the image will be posted on your web site.
  • It is not permitted to remove or crop the copyright watermark from our images.
  • A photo credit link to our website must be placed on any web page where the image is used.
  • Photo credit links must be valid HTML and contain no javascript, redirects, or link-blocking code such as nofollow tags. All links back to our site must remain unblocked for as long as the image is used.

We monitor usage of our images and will request the removal of any image which is not accompanied by an acceptable credit link.


Hotlinking to images directly from our server is not permitted. Hotlinking places additional load on our server, which slows down the server for other users. Our website employs anti-hotlink code which blocks images hosted from our server from being displayed on third party websites. Hotlinking is considered bandwidth theft so please don’t do it!